Selected publications from CAPCA (since 2008)

Profilage protéique

  • P. Kubiniok, H. Lavoie, M. Therrien, P. Thibault
    Time-resolved phosphoproteome analysis of paradoxical RAF activation reveals novel targets of ERK
    Mol. Cell. Proteomics, in press.
  • E. Kanshin, P. Kubiniok, Y. Thattikota, D. D'Amours, P. Thibault
    Phosphoproteome dynamics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae under heat shock and cold stress
    Mol Syst Biol. 2015 Jun 3;11(6):813.
  • M. Buscarlet, V. Krasteva, L. Ho, C. Simon, J. Hébert, B. Wilhelm, G.R. Crabtree, G. Sauvageau, P. Thibault, J.A. Lessard
    Essential role of BRG, the ATPase subunit of BAF chromatin remodeling complexes, in leukemia maintenance.
    Blood. 2014 Jan 29.
  • C. Bell, L. English, J. Boulais, M. Chemali, O. Caron-Lizotte, M. Desjardins, P. Thibault
    Quantitative proteomics reveals the induction of mitophagy  in TNF-a activated macrophages.
    Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 12, 2394 (2013).
  • M. Courcelles, C. Frémin,  L. Voisin, S. Lemieux, S. Meloche, P. Thibault
    Phosphoproteome dynamics reveal novel ERK1/2 MAP kinase substrates with broad spectrum of functions.
    Mol. Syst. Biol., 9, 669 (2013)
  • M. Trost, M. Sauvageau, O. Hérault, P. Deleris, C. Pomiès, J. Chagraoui, N. Mayotte, Sylvain Meloche, Guy Sauvageau, P. Thibault
    Post-Translational Regulation of Self-Renewal Capacity: Insights from Proteome and Phosphoproteome Analyses of Stem Cell Leukemia.
    eBlood. 2012 Aug 23;120(8):e17-27
  • Laguë MN, Romieu-Mourez R, Bonneil E, Boyer A, Pouletty N, Mes-Masson AM, Thibault P, Nadeau MÈ, Boerboom D
    Proteomic profiling of a mouse model for ovarian granulosa cell tumor identifies VCP as a highly sensitive serum tumor marker in several human cancers.
    PLoS One. 2012;7(8):e42470

Biologie cellulaire

  • J.A. Gross, C. Nagy, L. Lin, É. Bonneil, M. Maheu, P. Thibault, N. Mechawar, P. Jin, G. Turecki
    Global and Site-Specific Changes in 5-Methylcytosine and 5-Hydroxymethyl cytosine after Extended Post-mortem Interval
    Front in Genetics, 7, 120 (2016).
  • M. Dieude, C. Bell, J. Turgeon, D. Beillevaire, L Pomerleau, B. Yang, K. Hamelin, S. Qi, N. Pallet, C. Beland, J.F. Cailhier, M. Rousseau, C. Rondeau, D. Gingras, C. Perreault, M. Desjardins, E. Boilard, P. Thibault, M.J. Hebert
    The 20S proteasome core, active within apoptotic exosome-like vesicles, induces autoantibody production and accelerates rejection
    Science Translational Medicine, 7, 317ra200 (2015).
  • D.C. Jeffery, N. Kakusho, Z You, M. Gharib, B Wyse, E. Drury, M. Weinreich, P. Thibault, A. Verreault, H. Masai, K. Yankulov
    CDC28 phosphorylates Cac1p and regulates the association of chromatin assembly factor 1 with chromatin
    Cell Cycle, 14, 74-85 (2015).
  • N. Zaman, G. Paresa, S. Chowdhury, E. Bonneil, P. Thibault, E. Wang, M. Trifiro, M. Paliouras
    Proteomic-coupled-network analysis of T877A-androgen receptor interactomes can predict clinical prostate cancer outcomes between White (non-Hispanic) and African-American groups
    PLoS One. 2014 Nov 19;9(11):e113190.
  • G. Laflamme, T. Tremblay-Boudreault, MA Roy, P Andersen, E Bonneil, K Atchia, P. Thibault, D. D'Amours, BH Kwok
    Structural Maintenance of Chromosome (SMC) Proteins Link Microtubule Stability to Genome
    Integrity, J. Biol. Chem, 289, 27418-31 (2014)
  • ME. Bordeleau, R. Aucagne, J. Chagraoui, S. Girard, N. Mayotte, E. Bonneil , P. Thibault, C. Pabst, A. Bergeron, F. Barabé, J. Hébert, M. Sauvageau, C. Boutonnet, S. Meloche, G. Sauvageau
    UBAP2L is a novel BMI1-interacting protein essential for hematopoietic stem cell activity
    Blood., 124, 2362-9 (2014)
  • N. Desgolshaie, X Tang, E.D. Kanshin, E.C. Williams, A.D. Rudner, P. Thibault, M. Tyers, A. Verreault
    Regulation of the histone deacetylase Hst3 by cyclin-dependent kinases and the ubiquitin ligase SCFCdc4
    J. Biol. Chem., 289, 43-49 (2014).
  • P. Wang, J. A. Galan, K. Normandin, E. Bonneil, G. R. Hickson, P. P. Roux, P. Thibault, V. Archambault
    Cell Cycle Regulation of Greatwall Kinase Nuclear Localization Facilitates Mitotic Progression
    J. Cell Biol., 202, 277 (2013).
  • K. Beckett, S. Monier, L. Palmer, C. Alexandre, H. Green, E. Bonneil, G. Raposo, P. Thibault, R. Le Borgne, J.P.Vincent
    Drosophila S2 cells secrete wingless on exosome-like vesicles but the wingless gradient forms independently of exosomes
    Traffic, 14, 82-96 (2013).
  • P. Déléris, M. Trost, I. Topisirovic, P.-L. Tanguay, K. Borden, P. Thibault, S. Meloche
    Activation loop phosphorylation of the atypical MAP kinases ERK3/ERK4 by group I PAKs defines a novel PAK-ERK3/4-MK5 signaling pathway
    J. Biol. Chem., 286, 6470-6478 (2011).
  • A. Carrière, Y. Romeo, H.A. Acosta-Jaquez, J. Moreau, E. Bonneil, P. Thibault, D.C. Fingar, P.P. Roux
    ERK1/2 phosphorylate Raptor to promote Ras-dependent activation of mTOR complex 1 (mTORC1)
    J. Biol. Chem., 286, 567-577 (2011).
  • J. FitzGerald, S. Moureau, P. Drogaris, E. O'Connell, N. Abshiru, A. Verreault, P. Thibault, M. Grenon, N. Lowndes
    Regulation of the DNA Damage Response and Gene Expression by the Dot1L Histone Methyltransferase and the 53Bp1 Tumour Suppressor
    PLOS One, 6, e14714 (2011).
  • D. Ashton-Beaucage, C. M. Udell, H. Lavoie, C. Baril, M. Lefrançois, P. Chagnon, P. Gendron, O. Caron-Lizotte, É. Bonneil, P. Thibault, M. Therrien
    The Exon Junction Complex Controls the Splicing of mapk pre-mRNA and Other Long Intron-Containing Transcripts in Drosophila
    Cell, 143, 251–262, (2010).
  • S. Durand, M. Feldhammer, E. Bonneil, P. Thibault, A.V. Pshezhetsky
    Analysis of the Biogenesis of Heparan Sulfate Acetyl-CoA: a-Glucosaminide N-Acetyltransferase Provides Insights into the Mechanism Underlying Its Complete Deficiency in Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIC
    J. Biol. Chem, 285,31233-31242 (2010).
  • I. Topisirovic, N. Siddiqui, VL Lapointe, M. Trost, P Thibault, C Bangeranye, S Piñol-Roma, KLC Borden
    Molecular dissection of the eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) export-competent RNP
    EMBO J., 28, 1087-1098 (2009).
  • A. Carrière, M. Cargnello, L.-A. Julien, H. Gao, E. Bonneil, P. Thibault, P. P. Roux
    Oncogenic MAPK Signaling Regulates mTORC1 Assembly by Promoting Raptor Phosphorylation via ERK and RSK
    Current Biol, 18, 1269-1277 (2008).
  • Y. Tang, M. A Holbert, H. Wurtele, K. Meeth, W. Rocha, M. Gharib,E. Jiang, P. Thibault, A.Verreault, P. A Cole, R. Marmorstein
    Fungal Rtt109histone acetyltransferase is an unexpected structural homolog of metazoanp300/CBP
    Nature Struct. Mol. Biol., 15, 738-745 (2008).
  • JF. Clément, A Bibeau-Poirier, SP Gravel, N Grandvaux, E Bonneil, P Thibault, S Meloche, MJ Servant
    Phosphorylation of IRF-3 on Ser 339 generates a hyperactive form of IRF-3 through regulation of dimerization and CBP association
    J. Virol., 82, 3984-3996 (2008).


  • F. Lamoliatte, F.M. McManus, G. Maarifi, M.K. Chelbi-Alix, P. Thibault
    Uncovering the SUMOylation and Ubiquitylation Crosstalk in Human Cells Using Sequential Peptide Immunopurification
    Nature Commun., 8:14109 (2017).
  • V. Bachmann, J.E. Mayrhofer, R. Llouz, P. Tschaikner, P. Raffeiner, R. Rock, M. Courcelles, Apelt, T-W. Lu, P. Thibault, P. Aanstad, U. Stelzl, S.S. Taylor, E. Stefan
    GPR161 anchoring of PKA consolidates GPCR and cAMP signaling
    P.N.A.S, 113, 7786 (2016).
  • N. Abshiru, R. E. Rajan, A. Verreault, P. Thibault
    Unraveling site-specific and combinatorial histone modifications using high-resolution mass spectrometry in histone deacetylase mutants of fission yeast
    J. Prot. Res, 15, 2132 (2016).
  • V. Kota, G. Sommer, C. Durette, P. Thibault, E. A. van Niekerk, J. L. Twiss, T. Heise
    SUMO-modification of the La protein facilitates binding to mRNA in vitro and in cell
    PLoS One, 11(5), e0156365 (2016).
  • F. McManus, C. Desroches Altamirano, P. Thibault
    In vitro assay to determine SUMOylation sites on protein substrate
    Nature protocols, 11, 387, 2016.
  • N. Abshiru, O. Caron-Lizotte, R.E. Rajan, A. Jamai, C. Pomies, A. Verreault, P. Thibault
    Discovery of protein acetylation patterns by deconvolution of peptide isomer mass spectra
    Nature Commun., 6, 8648 (2015).
  • J. Gagnon, S. Daou, N. Zamorano, NV. Iannantuono, I. Hammond-Martel, N. Mashtalir, E. Bonneil, H. Wurtele, P. Thibault, B. Affar el
    Undetectable histone O-GlcNAcylation in mammalian cells.
    Epigenetics. 2015 Aug 3;10(8):677-91.
  • E. Kanshin, M. Tyers, P. Thibault
    Sample Collection Method Bias Effects in Quantitative Phosphoproteomics
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    Genetics. 2015 May;200(1):185-205.
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    A cell-signaling network temporally resolves specific versus promiscuous phosphorylation
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    Phosphoproteomic analysis identifies the tumor suppressor PDCD4 as a RSK substrate negatively regulated by 14-3-3
    PNAS, 111, E2918-27 (2014).
  • P.P. Roux, P Thibault
    The coming of age of phosphoproteomics; from large data sets to inference of protein functions.
    Mol. Cell Proteomics, 12, 3453 (2013).
  • I.N. Soares, FA Caetano, J Pinder, B Roz Rodrigues, FH Beraldo, VG Ostapchenko, C Durette, G Schenatto Pereira, MH Lopes, N Queiroz-Hazarbassanov, IW Cunha, PI Sanematsu, S Suzuki, LF Bleggi-Torres, C Schild-Poulter, P Thibault, G Dellaire, VR Martins, VF Prado, MA.Prado
    Regulation of stress-inducible phosphoprotein 1 nuclear retention by PIAS1
    Mol. Cell Proteomics, 12, 3253 (2013).
  • F. Lamoliatte, E. Bonneil, C. Durette, O. Caron-Lizotte, D. Wildemann, J. Zerweck, H. Wenshuk, P. Thibault
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    Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 12, 2536 (2013).
  • E. Kanshin, S.W. Michnick, P. Thibault
    Displacement of N/Q-rich Peptides on TiO2 Beads Enhances the depth and coverage of yeast phosphoproteome analyses
    J. Prot. Res., 12, 2905 (2013).
  • R Fonseca-Maldonado, DS Vieira, JS Alponti, E Bonneil, P Thibault, RJ Ward
    Engineering the pattern of protein glycosylation modulates the themostability of a GH11 xylanase
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  • N. Abshiru, K. Ippersiel, Y. Tang, H. Yuan, R. Marmorstein, A. Verreault, P.Thibault
    Chaperone-mediated acetylation of histone by Rtt109 identified by quantitative proteomics
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  • K. Hilmi, N. Hussein, R. Mendoza-Sanchez, M. El-Ezzy, H. Ismail, C. Durette, M. Bail, M.J. Rozendaal, M. Bouvier, P. Thibault, J. L. Gleason and S. Mader
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    Sample preparation and analytical strategies for large-scale phosphoproteomics experiments
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    MYST protein acetyltransferase activity requires active site lysine autoacetylation
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    Nature Scientific report, 2:220 (2012). Cited in Faculty of 1000 (http://f1000.com/715697811).
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    Subcellular phosphoproteomics
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    Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 8, 506-518 (2009).

Immunologie et immunopeptides

  • H. Pearson, T .Daouda, D.P. Granados, C. Durette, E. Bonneil, M. Courcelles, A. Rodenbrock, J.P. Laverdure, C. Côté, S. Mader, S. Lemieux, P. Thibault, C.Perreault
    MHC class I-associated peptides derive from selective regions of the human genome
    J. Clin. Invest., 126, 4690 (2016)
  • N.A. Nagarajan, D.A. deVerteuil, D. Sriranganadane, W. Yahyaoui, P. Thibault, C. Perreault, N. Shastri
    ERAAP Shapes the Peptidome Associated with Classical and Nonclassical MHC Class I Molecules
    J. Immunol., 197, 1035 (2016).
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    Proteogenomic-based discovery of minor histocompatibility antigens with suitable features for immunotherapy of hematologic cancers
    Leukemia, 30, 1344-1354 (2016)
  • C.M. Laumont, T. Douada, J.-P. Laverdure, E. Bonneil, O. Caron-Lizotte, M.P. Hardy, D.P. Granados, C. Durette, S. Lemieux, P. Thibault, C. Perreault
    Global proteogenomic analysis of human MHC class I-associated peptides derived from non-canonical reading frames
    Nature Commun., 7;10238 (2016)
  • D. Paola Granados, C. Laumont, P. Thibault, C. Perreault
    The nature of self for T cells - A systems-level perspective
    Curr Opin Immunol. 2015 Jun;34:1-8.
  • D. Paola Granados, D. Sriranganadane, T. Daouda, A. Zieger, C. M. Laumont, O. Caron-Lizotte, G. Boucher, M.-P. Hardy, P. Gendron, C. Côté, S. Lemieux, P. Thibault, C. Perreault
    Impact of Genomic Polymorphisms on the Repertoire of Human MHC Class I-Associated Peptides
    Nature Commun. 2014 Apr 9;5:3600. doi: 10.1038
  • M.A. Germain, L. Chatel-Chaix, B. Gagné, E. Bonneil, P. Thibault, F. Pradezynski, B. de Chassey, L. Meyniel-Schicklin, V. Lotteau, M. Baril, D. Lamarre
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    Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, 20, 37-45 (2014).
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Développement de technologies

  • S. Pfammatter, E. Bonneil, P. Thibault
    Improvement of quantitative measurements in multiplex proteomics using high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
    J. Proteome Res., 15, 4653 (2016).
  • E. Bonneil, S. Pfammatter, P. Thibault
    Enhancement of mass spectrometry performance for proteomic analyses using High-Field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry (FAIMS)
    Invited review in J. Mass Spectrom. 50, 1181-1195 (2015).
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    J. Proteome Res., 11, 927 (2012).
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